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Ensuring Your Safety During The Pandemic

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre’s product offering and on-site facilities have been specially developed with the business travel market in mind. Our proximity to OR Tambo International Airport combined with our unique layout, ensures both convenience and ample opportunity for relaxation in the required privacy.

Over two decades of experience means that we are well-equipped to ensure that your experience is as it should be. We’ve listened to your feedback as we have adapted, renovated, upgraded and improved our property to become the market leading hospitality hub in the airport node. Allow us to show why there is simply nothing like Birchwood.

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Birchwood’s Essential Hotel Service is designed to ensure a comfortable, secure and peaceful stay with us. The following systems and protocols are in place and form a mandatory process that we follow as per the National State of Disaster announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa in March 2020.

Upon Arrival

Our alertness to reducing the spread of COVID-19 begins upon the guest’s arrival (or return) to the hotel.

Prior to gaining entry, our team record the temperature of the guest, as well as request that a short declaration be completed. Our staff are required to be screened as well.

Guests showing no symptoms and temperatures in the required range proceed to check-in. Guests with high temperatures (exceeding 37.5° Celsius) and/or showing symptoms are denied access and referred to a medical facility immediately.


Every item on, and including the Front Desk itself, are sanitised. This includes our Speed Point Machine (before and after use). Staff are required to sanitise their hands regularly. We require that guests checking-in, sanitise hands and credit cards prior to interaction. Kindly note, no cash is accepted during this time. We do accept cleared EFT payments and credit cards. Only one receptionist will be present behind the desk, and we ask that guests requiring assistance adhere to social distancing requirements.

Room Cleaning & Laundry

Accommodation rooms are cleaned every two days. Linen is exchanged only upon request. After a guest has checked out and the room is vacant, the entire room is cleaned using a QAC sanitiser at a 0.5% concentration.

Linen and towels are washed at the hottest cycle temperature of 60°C along with either sodium hyper chloride or peroxide in the main wash process for chemical disinfection, depending on linen classification. All linen is ironed on a hot setting. Towels are tumble-dried until fully dry. The hot setting is sufficient to kill any potential viral matter.

Food & Beverage

All meals are delivered directly to your accommodation room in a disposable container with disposable cutlery. They are placed outside your door. Once used, the items are disposed of in a red plastic bin liner and left outside the door which are then collected by the on-site waste removal staff in the required manner.

Guest Behaviour

Guest may leave their rooms to go to their respective places of work, and return. We are however, not permitted to allow guests to freely walk or congregate in public areas of our property at any time.

When not at work, accordingly to a pre-determined schedule, guests may leave their rooms for fifteen minutes, once a day, in a staggered manner and in a pre-determined area. Social distancing protocols and hand-washing requirements are to be adhered to by guests. All on-site guests and staff are required to wear a face mask in public areas and around others.

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