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Staff training – Why is it trending among corporates

The inclusion of Millennials and Generation Z into the work force, coupled with ease of access and connectivity has changed business as we know it. This has meant the adaption of new working models for big corporates in order to continue to thrive – Nike with benefits for new parents or workers with an ill relative, Microsoft with flexible schedules, Intel with prioritising local suppliers – to name just a few.

While these megabrands are able to provide costlier, sometimes unconventional benefits within the workplace, there are much more practical, simple options out there for smaller companies to implement when creating a forward-thinking culture. One of the ways in which to do this is to keep upskilling your staff with short courses – while this may seem like a waste of money, there are so many benefits of this action for your company.

Not convinced? Here are a few insights that may resonate:

  • Lower staff turnover. According to Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm, a staggering 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development; also, that businesses with an engaged workforce have a 59% lower turnover rate.
  • The relationship between confidence and performance. Training can only increase an employee’s confidence in the workplace – you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits this can have on speed, quality and morale!
  • Innovation incoming. The nature of learning is that it inspires critical thinking and creativity, leading to some unique ideas to that can bring in extra business and snuff out the competition.
  • Looking forward. The future of business is all about growth and change – identify potential leaders and look after them by helping them develop their leadership skills. They will be more inclined to see a long-term future with your company and you can rest assured that the future is bright!

All the benefits of this training will not go unnoticed by potential clients, competitors and the public. You can expect well-deserved acknowledgement for efforts to create a positive, forward-thinking and warm workplace.

Regardless of your training needs, we have the solution for you. We have a variety of affordable training rooms, equipped with high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi, top of the range projectors and catering.