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With the rise of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Millennials in the workplace, it is becoming more and more difficult to make event brand activations meaningful to your target audience. Thinking out of the box has become even more important and, for those still stuck in traditional eventing, it can be difficult to generate new ideas.

Playing host to thousands of corporate events each year, it is important to us that your event is a success. No matter your concept, we try to go above and beyond to meet your expectations. We are always looking at new ways of doing things by learning from our creative clients, with research and through feedback from conference-goers and guests.

Here are a six clever ideas for a memorable guest experience with your brand:

  1. Teach your guests about your history by setting up fun activities and clues that they need to interact with in “an amazing race” to win a prize. We’ve held a few internal and external events like this that have been great fun in our abundant gardens and over 60 venues! Watch a video of the fun we had in our Amazing Chase here!
  2. Make your guests feel like “exclusive members” of your brand by sending them personal invitations and having a guestlist. In this way, your guests will feel as though they have a relationship with your brand.
  3. Your team are your best tools when it comes to promoting your business. Give them a fun, quirky wearable item that your guests will be able to identify and let them sell your business.
  4. Give your guests an opportunity to win or be a part of something aspirational. Make your prizes or giveaways memorable with holidays and experiences. Not only does this make them happy, but it also tells your guests about your brand values. Hopefully they aspire towards the same values; connecting their world with yours.
  5. Get your guests talking long after your event by doing something unexpected. Bring in a celebrity guest, a form of unusual entertainment or setup an installation that will either surprise, shock or have your guests in awe.
  6. If you have a new product or service, provide an interactive demonstration of how this works instead of explaining it’s features. Let guests try it out and ask for their feedback – making them feel like they have contributed to your brand.