Whether you are a die-hard fan or have a few songs on your iTunes playlist, there are bound to be a few things you didn’t know about the Mi Casa! We take a look at a few interesting facts about South Africa’s legendary musicians.

  1. The group met each other at a rooftop pool party in Sandton, hosted by SA record label Soul Candi.
  2. Producer, keyboardist and DJ Dr Duda is credited for bringing the band together.
  3. Three months later, the group were recording ‘These Streets’.
  4. Their fourth album, ‘Familia’, was named after the group almost split and was testament to their strength and lessons learnt as a group.
  5. They have played in 31African countries and have done numerous international tours.
  6. J’ Something has launched his own cookbook called Something’s Cooking, a restaurant in Pretoria (Something’s Cooking by J), two cooking shows and is also a judge on My Kitchen Rules.
  7. Trumpeter Mo-T was taught to play the instrument by his dad, Lehlara Kgasoane, who was a member of Mango Groove.
  8. Since 2011, they have celebrated six albums.
  9. In 2012, they won three SAMA Awards for Best Dance Album, Group of the Year and Record of the Year.
  10. Mi Casa is a shortened version of their full name Mi Casa es su casa, meaning “my house is your house” in Spanish.