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The key to avoiding event planning mishaps is defining the finer details of what you require and clear communication of these details to the event coordinators. We have compiled a checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

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  1. Contact person. It is best to get one person to deal with the event planner, technical team and décor specialists’ questions to prevent miscommunication and confusion. At Birchwood, we appoint an experienced in-house team consisting of a dedicated event planner, a tech-savvy technical team and a décor specialist to make sure every detail of your conferencing event runs smoothly. The advantage to using our in-house specialists is that they have a full understanding of our offering, venue, workings and supporting staff; ensuring that your requests (big or small) are taken care of without hassle.
  2. Guests. Know your guests; prominent corporates, directors and celebrities need special attention. If your guests require accommodation, decide on the room type based on their needs. We offer a variety of rooms to accommodate the minimalistic business traveller or the those who prefer the added comforts of a bit of luxury.
  3. Venue. Knowing your guests will help you to decide if you should do a formal indoor conference or a casual outdoor conference. If you have varied guests and departments, it may be worth setting up breakaway venues where they can liaise in smaller groups. At Birchwood, we have over 60 venues on our 52 hectares of land; each offering a different type of eventing option.
  • Petit Centre – Consisting of four small, formal venues which are ideal for intimate meetings of 18 to 48 people and are conveniently located near to our luxury Silverbirch rooms.
  • Le Grande Centre – Consisting of seven venues that offer a modern touch to almost every event. It boasts several banqueting, conferencing and breakaway meeting venues that can host from 20 to 600 people in cinema style seating.
  • Atrium Centre – Home to our third largest conferencing venue, Baobab, which caters to 800 guests. The Atrium Centre consists of four conferencing, banqueting and breakaway meeting boardrooms; offering everything you need for your large conference group as well as small boardroom ideal for facilitators.
  • Domestic Centre – Convenience is the essence of these eight conferencing and meetings rooms. Located near to reception, our large car park, our breakfast and lunch venue for delegates’ Cloversgreen, and to our variety of accommodation; these rooms are the heart of Birchwood and are fittingly named after the centre of South African business – the airports in every city.
  • International Centre – particularly convenient for guests staying in our Birchwood rooms, the International Centre offers seven rooms in various sizes. The Auditorium is particularly unique as it offers elevated seating looking down on functions with a stage.
  • OR Tambo Centre – Our most popular venue by far due to it’s versatility. Consisting of a large foyer and an acoustic door divider splitting the room into equal halves; this room is perfect for confexing – allowing exhibitors to be close to the conference area.
  • The Terminal – Catering for up to 1 500 people, the Terminal is our largest venue by far and, with it’s own parking area, it is ideal for large conferences and concerts.
  • Garden Conference Rooms – Situated in and around our manicured lawns nd beautiful gardens, our Garden Conference Rooms are perfect for small meetings and conferences and offer a variety of seating style options.
  • The Grill at OneTwenty – Offering two smaller conference rooms seating 40 or less, these rooms are situated away from the larger venues and activity; providing the exclusivity and intimacy of our Silverbirch precinct.

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  1. Conferencing food. Guests place emphasis on what food is on offer so make it count. Our full-day conferencing packages include a non-private 3-course buffet lunch, two snack breaks, and tea and coffee on arrival; however, if you would prefer a your full-day conference to include a private eating arrangement or if you would like breakfast and lunch included in your half-day conference, you can opt for a banqueting package.
  2. Banqueting food. We have a variety of menus on offer including buffet-style, plated and braai menus to choose from. Don’t forget to check your guests’ dietary requirements – they will not be happy if you didn’t ensure suitable alternatives.
  3. Banqueting décor. Our event specialists will setup and take down the décor you need for your event. Will you be using your company branding as décor or will you be using a different theme? Be specific about colours, table décor and drapery.
  4. Technology. We have all the equipment you could need; just let us know exactly what you require. Think about using a data projector and screen, a fixed/roaming microphone, a PA system, staging and other technological requirements including a possible dedicated WiFi network for your group.
  5. Agenda. Be specific in your time schedule. This will help the staff attending to your event get everything ready and on time for your guests.
  6. Conferencing type. Providing event planners with the nature of your event (teambuilding, training, strategy) will give them a good idea of what you require. They will also be able to provide insight and advice on things you could include based on past events. Our experienced team have help plan a huge variety of events during our 20 years in the industry and have an abundance of knowledge on what hasn’t and what has worked in the past. They also have creative expertise to give your conference that added memorable touch.
  7. Security. If you intend on bringing laptops or other valuables, let the event planners know so that they can provide you with locks and safes for your goods. At Birchwood, we offer laptop locks for all our conferencing venues to ensure that your prized possession stays near. Safes are also standard in all our accommodation rooms should you need to leave any valuables in a safe place while attending your conference.
  8. It’s all in the details. Gather as much information as possible when your guests RSVP to ensure that the venue is prepared. Find out if there are groups needing a shuttle to and from the airport. Let the venue know if you intend to have music or loud noise at your conference so that they can accommodate your needs.

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