If you’ve hosted (or attended) a meeting, banquet, conference or Jazz Evening at Birchwood, then you have probably visited our International Centre, situated just behind the main reception. With hundreds of business travellers, and locals passing through every single day, we decided that it was time for a make-over!

Not only have we given the International Centre a modern look to suit our discerning corporate clients, but we’ve also taken care to keep up with the trends and environment by completely upgrading our offering with digital signage and USB ports, as well as thinking about how to reduce our environmental impact in many of our changes and installations.

Conveniently located next to Cloversgreen breakfast and lunch venue, and aptly named after the world’s airports, our International Centre consists of:

  • Marco Polo: up to 240 delegates.
  • Heathrow: up to 120 delegates.
  • Barcelona: up to 120 delegates.
  • Charles De Gaulle: up to 50 delegates.
  • Sofia: up to 40 delegates.
  • Auditorium: up to 164 in a pre-existing seating arrangement (including vehicle access).

We are proud to announce that this marks the final chapter of completion for our upgrades and renovations plan and we couldn’t be happier with the result! Next time you are in the area, please pay us a visit and let us know what you think!

Keep a lookout for the official launch photos of our International Centre on our Facebook page (@birchwoodhotel).