We’ve done our research and have identified three crucial phenomena that shout, “we are innovative and have your best interests in mind!”.

  1. One dimensional to immersive. It’s no longer good enough to simply present a slideshow to your audience. They want to feel like they are interacting with what you are telling them, much like they want to be included in your business. Incorporate video and surround the audience with your content, as well as asking their opinions and feedback during the conference. Interactive means guaranteed attention.

 How we can help:

  • Free rapid and efficient connectivity.
  • The ability to cater to dedicated networks for ‘power-users’ as well as private conference groups.
  • Large digital screens.
  • Pre-installed video-conferencing units that work completely online, removing the requirement to bring cables and projectors to showcase your presentation.
  • Digital signage at selected venues.
  • Provide an immersive experience with video streaming, online calls and online presentations.
  1. Break the monotony. People don’t want to spend hours listening to you talk about your business; they want to gain something personally. Incentives that promote personal transformation is a big trend this year. Offering a session on physical or mental health, a cooking class or lifestyle and travel benefits may be just what is needed to ensure optimum attendance and impression.

How we can help:

“We completely overhauled our Boma, which now includes a stunning water feature, rustic sand and fire area for unwinding and enjoying after-conference drinks as well as sun-kissed outdoor decking and a delicious tapas menu – providing your delegates with ideal areas to have a break or get a much-needed change of perspective,” says Greg Hoffmann, Birchwood’s Digital Marketing Manager.

  1. Blend in with social media. There’s no running from social platforms, even in business. Making moments memorable in the age of social media means ensuring that there are creative ways of engaging through photos, influencers and hashtags. Select an influencer (big or small) that may share something in common with your audience and invite them to speak on the subject, get them to talk about your hashtag and stay for photos with the audience afterwards. Engage and grow!

Conferencing and accommodation are at the core of what we do; however, we have enhanced our property to be able to accommodate almost any request. We hosted incredibly successful exhibitions, concerts and product launches last year,” explains Greg.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you on making your business venture a success. Work with our team today!