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The rise of the millennial workforce has brought fresh, creative ideas to businesses all around the world. Having grown up in a technologically-filled world with social networking as an everyday necessity, their work ethics and corporate style is “out of the ordinary”. Why not embrace this up and coming workforce by doing something new for your year-end party? Older colleagues will enjoy the change and the younger generation will appreciate your forward thinking.

At Birchwood, our in-house team of decorators, technicians, and caterers have the stressful part of event planning covered so that you can focus on making your year-end function original, entertaining and fun. With over 60 venues to choose from and several catering options for as little as three, to as many as 3 000 people, we ensure you we have the facilities to match your needs and the party of your employees’ dreams.


  • One way in which you can embrace “millennial fun” is to have a themed year-end function. Why not set a Game of Thrones, Hollywood Glam, or TV series characters’ theme?


  • Another trend is to incorporate a good cause into your event; providing happy hearts for your staff and the cause you support. Invite your local orphanage to join your luncheon or sponsor a family in need by asking your employees to sponsor an item on their list of needs. Giving is certain to make your team feel valued and empowered – a win-win for everyone involved.


  • Selfies are a must on at any event! Organise a selfie booth, equipped with fun items in your corporate colours for props. Get your staff to bring along a fun prop – a wig, some funky glasses, lips or accessories on a stick, streamers or whatever their creative mind thinks of. Most selfie booths come with a photographer but you could also arrange one that has a cell phone holder so that employees can take “slo-mo” videos, Boomerangs, and all the other hip applications used on modern phones.


  • Interactivity and engaging with your colleagues’ ideas has always been a trend; however, even more so with the millennial generation. Without feeling heard or adding value, the millennial worker shuts down and loses passion for their job or career. A great way to get your staff to speak freely about their ideas and for millennials to enjoy being heard is to create a quiz for your event. The questions can be about the company or about the people who work for the company – either way, it will add value to your team building. Think fun ideas such as “What is John in accounting’s favourite lunch meal?” The guessing and the right answers guarantee to have your team bonding and in stitches!


  • If you have a healthy budget, throw in a celebrity performer to round off your proceedings. If budget is tight, bring in some local musicians to provide background music while your staff enjoy their meal. It’s the little things that count and make people feel appreciated.


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