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Banquet Halls

Banquet Halls are large hotel rooms that are made available to members of the public for the purpose of hosting an event or function with a meal being an integral part of that function or event. Whenever you wish to make use of a Banquet Hall, it is impo...

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Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor Weddings are a great option if you want to have a beautiful and more casual wedding that will stand out and make it difficult for attendees to forget. The location of your outdoor wedding will depend on your personal preferences, budget constrain...

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Wedding at a hotel - Main Advantages

Wedding at a hotelConsider having a wedding at a hotel. The immense effort that goes into planning a wedding can be very taxing. While deciding on the dresses, suits, flowers, invitations, seating arrangement and the honeymoon you should also be concerned about where your guests spend the night. Having a wedding at a hotel has many advantages.

Positives of having your wedding at a hotel.

  • Having a wedding at a hotel minimises the risk of someone not getting accommodation. Specialised wedding reception venues normally don’t have accommodation for all 100 guests that you have invited because they mainly focus on the wedding itself. This means that the most of your guests will leave early because of the dangers of driving at night.<!--more-->
  • Your guests will enjoy drinks with you on your special day and if you have a large hotel where they can sleep it eliminates the possibility of your guests driving home while intoxicated.
  • The professional nature of most hotels ensures that if there is an emergency that someone will be able to help you. They do not only specialise in accommodation but also weddings and catering, and if you have an emergency, they will be able to help you.
  • Guests who travel from far get lost in cities like Johannesburg because of its size. If the hotel is close to the airport, your guests have no reason to be late.
If you are interested in having a wedding at a hotel please visit our contacts page.

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