There are various factors you should look at when planning a conference. They determine if your delegates achieve the intended goal, even if it is to relax. It is very easy to be distracted in a conference setting so the planning must be pin-point-precise.

Is your conference venue the right size?

Conference rooms should not only be able to hold the whole amount of delegates in the main venue but also have break-away rooms for brainstorming and private discussions. If the venue is too large it could have an adverse effect on the quality of the sound and visual equipment. Sound bounces of the wall of large conference rooms and creates an echo effect that will distract the delegates from the intended message. If it is too small you run the risk of not having enough room or cramping the participants and lead to them being unhappy.<!--[if gte vml 1]>--> <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->

What is included in the standard equipment?

The type of equipment depends on what visual and audio assistance you need. If you only have a power point presentation prepared, there will be no use for audio equipment and five big screens, a overhead projector will suffice. Be sure to look at what the venue’s standard equipment is and what you can add on. Standard equipment includes microphones, overhead projectors and sound systems.

Who will do the catering?

Your delegates need catering, never skip this part of the conference to save money. Rather do it yourself than leave it totally. If the conference is only for a few hours the minimum requirements is a snack and a bottle of water. Delegates talk a lot during and after their experience and if they have complaints, especially about a primitive need like hunger. It will detract from what the goal of the conference is.

Do they supply team building exercises?

The extra services conference venues offer, must only be considered if you are looking for something more informal. Conferences that have a specific purpose like resolving financial problems within a company will not appreciate teambuilding paintball. Is there any accommodation available? Deciding on accommodation and conference is reliant on the amount of delegates and its duration. Check that the standard of rooms are the same for all delegates to prevent jealousy. The most important consideration for delegates is Wi-Fi service in the rooms as well as the conference meeting rooms.