Safety is the last thing most people think about when staying at a Johannesburg hotel. In fact, safety is the last thing anyone considers because we all believe that the hotel is safe and secure. However, a number of things can happen some of which are unavoidable. Fires, break-ins and terrorist attacks are just some of the things that could happen. Our advice is that you need to take a few precautions to protect you against the most common risks such as a burglary.

We list the top hotel safety tips

Before your Stay

·     Before making your booking, start by doing your homework. Take a closer look at the security situation in the city or nearby towns you’ll be visiting. Does the area have a high crime rate? Are the neighborhoods or towns secure and safe? Also, look at the location of the hotel. Is the hotel situated in an upscale residential neighborhood, busy district or commercial area? Is there a nearby police station? These are factors which must be looked at very closely and carefully.

·     Make sure you enquire about the hotel’s own security measures. It’s wise to call ahead and ask if the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day – this is important especially when it comes to emergency situations. Also ask about the security guards and if there are any surveillance cameras in the public areas – this footage has proven to be valuable in a number of criminal cases.

·     Make sure you have a cell phone that won’t let you down. When travelling abroad, make sure you switch on your international roaming. Make sure you make copies of all of your travelling documents; it’s a good idea to leave your copies with a family or friend. Also, pack your copies in a separate area – your originals must be kept somewhere else.

During your Stay

·     Keep your door locked at all times whenever you’re in your room. Never leave your door open for whatever reason. Keep your wallet and hotel keys nearby. Always ask for identification when someone comes to your door – don’t let them in without any identification. 

·     Make use of the hotel safe for all of your valuables. Should you need to leave anything at the front desk, makes sure you ask for a receipt or note that lists all your items. A number of hotels don’t accept liability for items lefts in guestroom safes – make sure you are covered for all your valuable items. Some hotels charge an extra charge for keeping your valuables – for people who are traveling with valuables it’s wise to pay extra.