Your company is holding a conference. Are you prepared for exactly what it involves, and what is needed to hold one? An article in the Telegraph’s Festival of Business SME Masterclasses outlines several points that people need to pay attention to in order to hold a successful conference. Some are big and some are small, but all are equally important.

The first thing to remember is that a conference needs to have adequate air conditioning, balanced to ensure delegates are not too hot or too cold, and taking into consideration the season. Your conference should have a facilitator, in order to ensure all activities run according to schedule and not over or under time. If you are providing delegates with name badges, ensure that they don’t attach to the person with a safety pin – most people dislike these, as they damage clothing. A great conference venue should have good cellphone reception that allows delegates to send and receive messages without having to leave the venue. Ensure that all important rooms are clearly demarcated. Your sound system should be adequate for the type and size of conference you are holding, and if you’re giving goodie bags, make sure that the bag contains things people will actually need (such as water or a pen) and not just promotional material which is usually throw away.

The final and most important point that is made is that organisers need to make sure that the conference is held in an easily accessible area. If it is not, the venue should be able to provide accommodation for all delegates close enough to the conference venue. The Birchwood Hotel is great option, being a combined conference centre and hotel, located only 7km away from the nearest airport – essential to ensure you run a truly amazing conference!