Wedding bells are in the air, and you’ve known the future groom or bride to be well enough for them to ask you to deliver a toast or speech at their wedding. If they’ve chosen a great venue with great food, such as that offered by Birchwood Hotel, you know that you’ll already be addressing a group of comfortable, well fed and receptive wedding guests. And as we all know, happy guests are more likely to laugh at your jokes about the bride’s awkward phase in high school or the groom’s penchant for online gaming. If think you may be facing a slightly tougher crowd, you may be in for an uphill battle. There’s no need to panic though, as sometimes you can learn from other’s mistakes to avoid making your own. According to an article from CNN, there are a few pointers you can follow to make sure your speech will be spoken about for years to come. Casual slang and swearing are best avoided, as well as sharing any potentially embarrassing, drunken tales best kept in the past. Inside jokes, while cute, will be lost on most attendants, so avoid those too. Keep the crying to a minimum is also a given. When it comes to recommended behaviour, keep things short and simple, avoid specifics, and do acknowledge both the families involved in the union. Also, don’t be afraid to be creative and don’t read straight from your notes. The final hint? Fake confidence even if you don’t feel it and remember that if all goes well, you won’t have to do it again!