Ten years of reviewing have made website hotels.com experts in determining what hotels offer, ranging from 1 star bed and breakfasts to 5 star palatial estates. This month, they have released some of their findings in the annual Hotel Price Index (HPI). Overall, the index found that Swiss hotels were the most expensive, followed by Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Canada. Cambodia was found to be the cheapest. The report had positive news to share, revealing that overall global spending increased - a positive sign that indicates that the various world economies are recovering from the 2008 financial crisis. It also serves as an indicator that people are increasing their holidays abroad, and are often willing to spend a little extra on their visits. In good news for tourists, Johannesburg experienced the biggest drop in prices from 2012 to the present, which serves as a strong incentive for visitors to the country. South Africa also ranked in one of the lists concerning value for money, specifically in a list comparing the prices of four and five star hotels. Interestingly, the index reported on travel behavior to and from hotels, with over 53% of people choosing a taxi as the preferred mode of transport from hotels to airports, and vice versa. The index also found that people ranked various qualities of a good taxi experience in order of importance. Safety was found to be the most important, followed by knowledge of the area, quality of driving, value, availability, cleanliness and friendliness. Luckily for South African’s, the Birchwood Conference Centre and Hotel offers complimentary rides to and from O.R Tambo Airport, a mere 7 kilometres away.