Two things complete a romantic getaway, the destination and accommodation. A destination seldom disappoints, at times it completes the holiday. The same could be said about accommodation, a comfortable stay lingers in one’s memory for a lifetime. Romantic getaways mean being whisked away with your soul mate. At times we all wish to go on an unforgettable holiday with our loved ones. Whether your getaway is a weekend or a week, accommodation must be of the finest quality.

One hotel which continues to surpass expectation is the Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre. What makes this hotel ideal is its location, situated only 7 kilometers from OR Tambo International; travelling to and from the airport is a simple exercise thanks to a complimentary shuttle. With 15 years of success in hospitality, The Birchwood Hotel offers guests that much needed personal touch.

The hotel’s trained and experienced staff prides itself in offering only the best service for all its guests. Couples can enjoy a decadent meal at a restaurant whilst sipping on good wine or a fine whiskey. The hotel boats an Award-Winning Restaurant (The Local Grill), Tazza Café & Wine Bar, Hi-Flyerz Aviation Bar & Nightclub. Guests can also take advantage of an In-House Tour Operator and leisure facilities such as a gym, pool and squash courts. The hotel offers 665 Accommodation rooms ranging from standard to luxury suites.

Each room is beautifully designed with outstanding facilities such as stunning en-suite bathrooms. A view of the garden is a must; this is perfect for couples looking to enjoy some much needed quality time. The serenity of the garden also makes it ideal for romantic long walks and a picnic simply completes any day. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a romantic getaway is in order. The month of February is known as the month of love and spending time alone with your soul mate is the perfect way of saying “I love you”.