Wedding Reception Venues
Choosing the between all the available wedding reception venues is one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning any wedding. Wedding venues are normally overpriced and underperforming and should be scrutinised. There are so many factors that influence the choice of venue and here are the most important ones: Availability – The wedding reception venues should be available on the date of the wedding. Holding a reception on a different day than the wedding isn’t just unfeasible its pure lunacy, especially if you have family and friends who come from far. Bar – When the bar closes so does the wedding, this is a harsh reality of any wedding. Make sure that the bar is fully stocked, staffed and open until late. Nothing kills a reception faster than a slow bar that closes early. Dance floor – One of the best parts of a wedding is to dance and having sufficient room for guests to enjoy themselves on the dance floor is extremely important. The dance floor should also be in the middle of al the tables, this makes the first dance and father daughter dance easy for everyone to see. Sound equipment – DJ, speakers, microphones and visual aides are all that is needed but sometimes when there is a malfunction it can be disastrous. Make sure the wedding reception venues have back-up equipment, a wedding with terrible sound is an unpleasant one that always ends very early. Tables and catering – The types of tables determines the seating charts, round tables require different arrangements than rectangular tables. If the hotel has catering facilities than it eliminates the need to hire external catering services. Accommodation – Your guests must have the option to sleep over, even if the majority doesn’t it is better to have that option available to them. Always provide your guests with alternative options even if it is different rooms at the same wedding reception venues.