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Wedding Reception Venues - What you should look for.

wedding reception venuesThe wedding reception venues that fulfil your ideal requirements are very hard to find and because your wedding day is one of the biggest days of a person’s life you cannot take it lightly. The county has many lodges, farms, hotels, resorts, country houses and castles that try to cater to a bride’s every need but it is tough to provide the perfect day.

What to look for when shopping for wedding reception venues:

The venue must be able to accommodate 20 more guests that you want to invite, people forget that there should be room for the staff to move around, video and photography crews and last minute invites. Hiring a wedding reception venues and filling it to the brim will cramp everyone up, remove some of the dance floor space and could put a damper on your whole night. The correct catering services and décor the bride wants is sometimes hard to find. The picture in her head is sometimes hard to replicate and is easier if the wedding reception venue has a proven track record. After years they hear all types of requests and will have the décor in stock. If they cant give the couple their requested décor they should be willing to outsource these services. Brides compare all the wedding reception venues in the area and look at all the facilities on offer. The main requirements are sufficient bathrooms, ample dance space, a large bar and over night accommodation for those who aren’t in the mood to travel late at night. Parking for your guests can be a problem especially in a densely populated town or city. Paying for parking and tough terrain can deter guests from coming to the reception. Sound systems, power outlets and a designated space for all the needed equipment is very important. Wedding receptions marred by technical difficulties are boring and uneventful.

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Business Conference and Accommodation Facilities

Finding the right business conference and accommodation facility as an event organizer is critical for the success of your event. There are several things you need to take into consideration when planning for your business meeting or even, which will make your event successful and memorable. Event organizers are tasked to put together an event which people will talk about for a long time and never forget.

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Conference and Accommodation Facility

  • Capacity – You have to establish if the conference and accommodation facility in question has adequate space and room to cater for all your attendees.
  • Accommodation – Find out if the Hotel will provide your guests with accommodation for the duration of the event, to prevent them from commuting to and from the hotel on a daily basis.
  • Budget – Ensure that the conference and accommodation facilities both fit into your event budget.
  • Conference Facilities – Investigate if the conference facility caters for all your business event needs. Check for things like high speed internet, video player, presentation screens, flip chart and so on.
  • Location – Find out if the hotel is located near town, shops and other places that your guests may want to visit during their stay at the hotel.
Birchwood Hotel has world class and popular business conference and accommodation facilities to suit any type of meeting or business event. If you’re looking for a location in South Africa to host your business event, then Birchwood Hotel has the right solution for you. Simply complete our Enquiry Form and a member of the Birchwood Hotel staff will contact you shortly.

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Choosing a Venue for Conference

Choosing a venue for conference can be a confusing undertaking for many, as it entails ensuring that the venue is right for the conference, there is enough space to accommodate your guests as well as the availability of equipment to make the conference a success. There is a need to properly plan for the conference and assess the venue for the conference before committing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Venue for Conference

Below is a list of factors one needs to consider when selecting the right venue for a conference, any of the below factors if not taken into consideration, may negatively affect the success of your conference.
  1. Value For Money – When you are shopping around for a conference venue, you need to consider the value for your money. You will need to look at a conference venue that has extra facilities at the same price.
  2. Space – Consider the availability of space, to ensure that the venue for your conference can accommodate all your guests.
  3. Reputation – Assess the reputation of the company or hotel providing the conference facilities before selecting the venue for your conference. You might want to choose a credible company but at a reasonable price.
  4. Facilities – Contact the company or hotel offering conferencing facilities and find out what facilities come as part of the conference venue. This will enable you to choose a company that provides you with the most conferencing facilities at the same price.
  5. Adaptability – You might want to find out how adaptable the venue for the conference is. Find out if the conference venue can suit many different types of conference types to ensure that you choose the right conferencing solution.
If you’re looking for a venue to host your next conference, we can develop a custom conferencing solution for you at an affordable price, with 5 star facilities. Simply complete our Enquiry Form for further assistance. Find out more on Conferencing  

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Wedding reception venues - Tips for the bride

Wedding Reception Venues Choosing the between all the available wedding reception venues is one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning any wedding. Wedding venues are normally overpriced and underperforming and should be scrutinised. There are so many factors that influence the choice of venue and here are the most important ones: Availability – The wedding reception venues should be available on the date of the wedding. Holding a reception on a different day than the wedding isn’t just unfeasible its pure lunacy, especially if you have family and friends who come from far. Bar – When the bar closes so does the wedding, this is a harsh reality of any wedding. Make sure that the bar is fully stocked, staffed and open until late. Nothing kills a reception faster than a slow bar that closes early. Dance floor – One of the best parts of a wedding is to dance and having sufficient room for guests to enjoy themselves on the dance floor is extremely important. The dance floor should also be in the middle of al the tables, this makes the first dance and father daughter dance easy for everyone to see. Sound equipment – DJ, speakers, microphones and visual aides are all that is needed but sometimes when there is a malfunction it can be disastrous. Make sure the wedding reception venues have back-up equipment, a wedding with terrible sound is an unpleasant one that always ends very early. Tables and catering – The types of tables determines the seating charts, round tables require different arrangements than rectangular tables. If the hotel has catering facilities than it eliminates the need to hire external catering services. Accommodation – Your guests must have the option to sleep over, even if the majority doesn’t it is better to have that option available to them. Always provide your guests with alternative options even if it is different rooms at the same wedding reception venues.

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Birchwood - Johannesburg hotel airport

Johannesburg Airport HotelJohannesburg hotel airport are not like any other hotels because of the large volume of people that goes trough it. They are built very central in relation to the rest of the city and adjacent to a highway for easy access to the rest of the city. Especially the Johannesburg airport hotels are more equipped for business and leisure for the following reasons: It proximity to the airport makes it the easiest place for business meetings and conferences. The hotel’s conference rooms are equipped with state of the art technology like sound systems, projectors and LCD screens, as well as a skilled technicians that can assist with all your conferencing requirements.The hotels have large and small breakaway conference meeting rooms. Johannesburg airport hotels are built with conferencing in mind and ideally designed to link up rooms with the venues. The Johannesburg hotel airport have large amount of rooms to be able to accommodate the vast amounts of people that go through the airport. These rooms are normally equipped with Wi-Fi and desks so their guests can do their work in their own rooms. People who travel are normally stressed and need to relax more. Getting them to calm down is a tough task because hotels cannot alter the demands of their work. This is why hotels at airports are designed to have the perfect blend of relaxation and business available to their clients. Whether it is a few drinks at the bar, a quick qym session with a trainer, a day reclining at the spa or a combination of the three al the airport hotels will offer the best services. No matter what the needs of the clients, airport hotels are equipped with all the necessary tools and services to make it a comfortable and relaxing stay. For more information visit the contact us page.

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Conference Meeting Rooms

Conference Meeting RoomsNormal conference venues are not suited for two way communication and has one or several speakers talking to the rest of the delegates. When the need arises for delegates to discuss something they use meeting rooms. Conference meeting rooms are generally breakaway rooms that offer a private space for intimate to large discussions. Look and feel of conference meeting rooms: Furniture - The furniture that is essential to a conference meeting room must be comfortable chairs. Meetings have the tendency to carry on for hours and if your delegates don’t have comfortable seating it could agitate them. Tables, visual aides and large windows that let in a lot of light also play a role in comfort. Atmosphere - The atmosphere of the meeting room differs according to the type of conference it is. The interior layout plays a role in the atmosphere, having a serious meeting in a conference room with a relaxed layout and decoration could distract from the gravity of the issues.

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Planning a Conference?

There are various factors you should look at when planning a conference. They determine if your delegates achieve the intended goal, even if it is to relax. It is very easy to be distracted in a conference setting so the planning must be pin-point-precise.

Is your conference venue the right size?

Conference rooms should not only be able to hold the whole amount of delegates in the main venue but also have break-away rooms for brainstorming and private discussions. If the venue is too large it could have an adverse effect on the quality of the sound and visual equipment. Sound bounces of the wall of large conference rooms and creates an echo effect that will distract the delegates from the intended message. If it is too small you run the risk of not having enough room or cramping the participants and lead to them being unhappy.<!--[if gte vml 1]>--> <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->

What is included in the standard equipment?

The type of equipment depends on what visual and audio assistance you need. If you only have a power point presentation prepared, there will be no use for audio equipment and five big screens, a overhead projector will suffice. Be sure to look at what the venue’s standard equipment is and what you can add on. Standard equipment includes microphones, overhead projectors and sound systems.

Who will do the catering?

Your delegates need catering, never skip this part of the conference to save money. Rather do it yourself than leave it totally. If the conference is only for a few hours the minimum requirements is a snack and a bottle of water. Delegates talk a lot during and after their experience and if they have complaints, especially about a primitive need like hunger. It will detract from what the goal of the conference is.

Do they supply team building exercises?

The extra services conference venues offer, must only be considered if you are looking for something more informal. Conferences that have a specific purpose like resolving financial problems within a company will not appreciate teambuilding paintball. Is there any accommodation available? Deciding on accommodation and conference is reliant on the amount of delegates and its duration. Check that the standard of rooms are the same for all delegates to prevent jealousy. The most important consideration for delegates is Wi-Fi service in the rooms as well as the conference meeting rooms.  

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Banquet Halls

Banquet Halls are large hotel rooms that are made available to members of the public for the purpose of hosting an event or function with a meal being an integral part of that function or event. Whenever you wish to make use of a Banquet Hall, it is impo...

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Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor Weddings are a great option if you want to have a beautiful and more casual wedding that will stand out and make it difficult for attendees to forget. The location of your outdoor wedding will depend on your personal preferences, budget constrain...

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Wedding at a hotel - Main Advantages

Wedding at a hotelConsider having a wedding at a hotel. The immense effort that goes into planning a wedding can be very taxing. While deciding on the dresses, suits, flowers, invitations, seating arrangement and the honeymoon you should also be concerned about where your guests spend the night. Having a wedding at a hotel has many advantages.

Positives of having your wedding at a hotel.

  • Having a wedding at a hotel minimises the risk of someone not getting accommodation. Specialised wedding reception venues normally don’t have accommodation for all 100 guests that you have invited because they mainly focus on the wedding itself. This means that the most of your guests will leave early because of the dangers of driving at night.<!--more-->
  • Your guests will enjoy drinks with you on your special day and if you have a large hotel where they can sleep it eliminates the possibility of your guests driving home while intoxicated.
  • The professional nature of most hotels ensures that if there is an emergency that someone will be able to help you. They do not only specialise in accommodation but also weddings and catering, and if you have an emergency, they will be able to help you.
  • Guests who travel from far get lost in cities like Johannesburg because of its size. If the hotel is close to the airport, your guests have no reason to be late.
If you are interested in having a wedding at a hotel please visit our contacts page.

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